The Romans managed to find a god for everything including food.  Edesia is the Roman goddess of luxury foods, and she blesses and controls banquets.  She decides how the feast will go according to the sacrifices the host will make.  Edesia can also imply a certain amount of luxury, showing the host to be wealthy enough to buy, instead of growing their own food.

At Edesia Oil, we make the sacrifices to purchase the best oils from around the world, so you and your family can enjoy the luxury of a simple meal or a fine banquet.  Edesia Oil Company is a family run business, owned and operated by the Calcagno family, who has a deep, rich passion for fresh foods that are produced by Mother Earth.

Our goal is to provide gourmet natural, edible oils that have been produced with passion and care, from our farmers and millers around the world to your table.  Every drop of oil that we bottle and produce pays homage to the idea that only the best will do.

Our full line of products from our world class gourmet olive oils to our fresh vegetable oils are expertly prepared in our state of the art facility.