Our Story

   I have been in the restaurant business my entire life. As a food lover and a chef, I became frustrated with the many different types, quality and prices of cooking oils along with the bad results they all delivered. After years experimenting in my restaurants I developed my own product, that balanced taste, price and performance in the kitchen. BelEvo is that product.
BelEvo, along with our 100% EVOO brand, Capizzi, became major hits in the NYC restaurant scene. I quickly outgrew producing my oils in my Hell's Kitchen restaurant, and in 2015 along with my son Anthony, I started the Edesia Oil Company. 
 BelEvo is our proprietary blend of 100% extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oils, made without any artificial flavors or colors. It has great olive oil taste, with a deep green color and thick luxurious consistency.
 When developing BelEvo, I discovered it is far superior than EVOO when frying chicken cutlets, meats, fish and seafood. Why? Because it has a higher smoke point and secondly the flavor will never overpower the dish. I also found it better than other brands when marinating. It is great for dipping bread, sprinkling on salads or use in any recipe. Every bottle of oil my family bottles pays homage to the idea that only the best will do.  
 - Joseph Calcagno